Mental & physical health Fishing

Let us show you how fishing can help physical and mental health

Mental health is involved massively in how we operate

Through our extensive knowledge of Social & Frontline Care with an insight to Mental Health

We have developed a Care package that aims improve Physical and Mental health

Fishing has been proven to improve anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, ODD and many more

Fishing helps in many other areas of physical and mental well being

Through fishing

We have many ways in which we can support you and your loved ones

We work with all types of residential care settings, with the ability to support people of all ages and abilities

We want to share how we love our Environment

We risk assess all of our Venues

Whatever the weather

We can support you to have fun on the bank side

We can keep you warm and dry

We can even offer food and drinks

We know from experience, that getting to know our clients is the most important thing

It’s easy to feel trapped indoors

Let us help you break out

We want to support you to enjoy fishing and show the benefits it can offer you

We have many support networks in place

We are aware of all types of mental and physical health

Let us support you to go Fishing